From ShipInsight. Published January 18, 2016.

After eleven long years of waiting it seemed that the dreams of ballast water treatment system makers were about to come true at the IMO assembly held at the end of November. But despite the addition of three new ratifications, there was to be no early Christmas for those wanting to see the long delayed entry into force of the IMO Convention.

First Morocco, then Indonesia and finally Ghana added their signatures to the convention during the assembly with the first two being seen by many as having sufficient percentages of the world fleet to pass the 35% trigger point. Some sources have said that Ghana’s contribution means that the figure has reached 35.02%. However, in a surprising twist, rather than announcing the start of the roll-out programme, departing IMO Secretary General Koji Sekimizu initiated a recount of the world fleet gross tonnage and that represented by the 47 signatories.