From The Maritime Executive. Published on April 7, 2016.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s preliminary rejection of the most probable number (MPN) method for determining the effectiveness of ballast water treatment systems has come under increasing fire from the industry and researchers. The issues are set to be discussed at IMO later this month. Meanwhile, concerns are multiplying.

Industry bodies, ICS and INTERTANKO, have made a submission to the upcoming IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee highlighting the problems as they see them. With the Ballast Water Management Convention inching closer to ratification, the U.S. Coast Guard’s decision challenges the concept of viability in the context of the type approval of systems and port sampling and analysis. ICS and INTERTANKO assert that the decision negatively impacts treatment systems based on UV and “halves the number of systems shipowners can select from if they wish to operate globally.” This is expected to create substantial equipment supply issues, should the Convention come into force soon.