Eliminating Low-energy UV-based Systems Will Leave Shipowners With few, if any, Cost-Effective Options for Treating Fresh Water

UV treatment is not adversely impacted by salinity, making it an ideal choice for fresh water. Of the 56 AMS letters of approval, there are only five systems approved for use in fresh water, four of which are UV-based.

However, the USCG’s decision to reject the MPN method essentially makes chemical-based systems the only viable option for shipowners trading in U.S. waters, and particularly the Great Lakes – the largest group of fresh water lakes on earth. Most chlorination systems generate chlorine using salt water – the use of these systems in fresh water requires installation of brine tanks, which increases costs and reduces cargo capacity.

Effect Change

Together with concerned citizens, environmental groups, shipowners, marine organizations, and manufacturers, let’s urge the USCG to reconsider its decision.

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